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Welcome the trillion market! Shennong Intelligent was appointed Vice Chairman of Intelligent Agriculture Group of Alibaba ICA Alliance

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ICABeijing Summit

"ICA Internet of Things trillion Eco-Partners Summit (Beijing Station)" opened on December 20 at Hilton Yilin Hotel in Xicheng District of Beijing. The Summit is sponsored by the most influential Standardization Alliance of the Internet of Things in China, the IoT Connectivity Alliance, and jointly sponsored by Beijing Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association and Internet of Think Tank. Intel, Schneider, Jiangsu Shennong Intelligence and other leading enterprises and allied member enterprises jointly participate in the Summit. They come from Internet of Things practitioners and enterprises all over the country. More than 400 entrepreneurs, experts, professors and technicians attended the summit, which fully demonstrated the fruitful results of the Alliance's work in the past year and a half, mainly including the way of Aliyun IoT's advancement and its practical achievements in the fields of smart city, real estate and home

The summit was presided over by Peng Zhao, founder of the Internet of Things Think Tank. Firstly, it was addressed by Wang Yunci, marketing director of Aliyun IoT, Secretary-General of ICA Alliance, Liu Dapeng, senior director of Standardization Department of Alibaba Group, Li Jia, secretary-general of Beijing Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association, and then the chairman/vice-chairman unit of ICA Working Group and senior member of ICA (newly promoted) at the ceremony. In the agenda of the subsequent summit, the latest solutions and research results in many fields, such as smart city, community security, smart home, smart real estate, smart property, smart agriculture and so on, were released

ICA Alliance aims to enable partners to quickly connect devices, build applications at low cost, and replicate solutions based on unified standards. At present, ICA has more than 350 members (up to September 2018), including chip, sensor, module, intelligent hardware, cloud platform, software, security, system integration partners, including ICT, Qualcomm, Intel, TI, Bosch, Schneider, Panasonic, Haier, Mei, Qingke, Jinyatuo and other well-known enterprises and institutions, to build a safe, interoperable and related industrial alliance. Promote the rapid and healthy development of the IoT market. ICA alliance is not only a technology alliance, standard alliance, but also an ecological alliance

In line with the initiative of building a new pattern of the Internet of Things with outstanding enterprises in all aspects of the Internet of Things and win-win trillion market of the Internet of Things, ICA Alliance has been committed to the growth of industrial ecology, and in the key vertical areas of the Internet of Things to work with industry partners for further cultivation. In the course of one year's growth, ICA Alliance has established close ties with industry partners in device layer, communication layer, platform layer and application layer of Internet of Things. ICA Alliance has made great achievements in standard-setting, and has been working with alliance members to speed up technology landing and lead industry change


Industry Research Release

Over the years, due to insufficient investment, China's agricultural industry has been confronted with such problems as extensive management, low efficiency, high cost, insufficient attention to environmental protection and ecology, difficulty in process data acquisition, low intelligence and informatization. In view of these painful points in the agricultural industry, Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shennong Intelligent") as the core technology research and development and solution provider, has launched an all-round strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group to develop intelligent devices such as sensors, controllers, intelligent gateways, edge computing and Internet of Things security, cloud platforms and big data in agriculture. Continuous and in-depth cooperation in analysis, artificial intelligence industry algorithm, agricultural intelligent management system, formulation of standards and norms for intelligent agriculture industry, and establishment of intelligent agriculture demonstration base has been carried out. At the Beijing Summit, ICA Alliance was successfully recruited as Vice-Chairman of Intelligent Agriculture Working Group and a high-quality service provider in the agricultural industry in Aliyun Linkmar. Key Recommendations in the Market of ket Internet of Things。


Shennong Intelligent was appointed Vice Chairman of Intelligent Agriculture Group of ICA Alliance

As a leading provider of integrated solutions for digital agriculture and smart agriculture in China, "Shennong Intelligence" has continuously iterated its technology and program, and has done a lot of innovative research and solid practice in the field of smart agriculture. It has created many first places in the field of smart agriculture, processing and circulation in China. It is the first gold medal partner of Alibaba IoT Partnership Program Alliance (ICA). In September 2018, the first AI solution for China's agricultural industry, the White Paper on Intelligent Farming in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Poultry Industry, was released, and participated in the writing of the White Paper on ICA Alliance Data Standard Platform

As the core provider of overall technical solutions, we have successively completed the "Regional Test Project of Agricultural Internet of Things (Poultry Breeding)" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the "Three New Projects of Suqian Agriculture" and several influential smart agricultural projects such as the demonstration bases for intelligent breeding of leading agricultural enterprises at the national level


The First Artificial Intelligence Solution in China's Agricultural Industry

Adhering to the far-reaching mission of "connecting with life, promoting the growth of all things and helping farmers liberate", Shennong Intelligence will join hands with Alibaba Group to speed up the rapid and healthy development of China's agricultural Internet of Things industry and welcome the arrival of the era of all things intelligently linked。

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