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Aliyun Link Internet of Things Market Intelligent Agriculture First Single Flower Falling Deep Agricultural Intelligence

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At 9:19 a.m. on December 12, 2018, a user nicknamed "Hanjiang Diaoyu 95789" successfully purchased a set of "IBS Intelligent Environmental Control Solutions" provided by Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in the Aliyun Link Internet of Things Market Platform, with the order number of "201812120918448062".

Xie Shijie, head of Intelligent Agriculture of Aliyun IoT Business Department, told the reporter of Intelligent Agriculture Network: "This is the first trading order in the field of Intelligent Agriculture in the market of Aliyun Link Internet of Things, which opens a new era of one-stop trading, purchasing, certification, payment and evaluation system on the"Intelligent Agriculture Solution"line.

Later, it added: "This is also the Aliyun Link Internet of Things market backed by Aliyun and Alibaba's rich ecological capabilities, powerful cloud service capabilities, huge Internet user base, with the help of Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and other IoT solution providers'in-depth experience in vertical industry and scenario capabilities, to promote and open Alibaba's services for agricultural products. A Successful Model of Network Ecology Construction


Aliyun Link Internet of Things Market

According to our reporter from Aliyun, Aliyun Link's continuous construction of the Internet of Things market is committed to creating a "Taobao" and "Tianmao" for the Internet of Things industry to "let the world find no difficult solution to the Internet of Things". Over the next five years, Aliyun Link will continue to invest in achieving the goal of "serving 1 million developers, precipitating 1 million Internet of Things application solutions, linking 10 billion Internet of Things devices, and leveraging the global Internet of Things industry to achieve trillion market scales"。

The Revolutionary Intelligence Age of Aquaculture Industry Comes

Have you ever imagined the following scenarios?

Scene 1: Based on the changes of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia and other environmental parameters in each unit of the shed, which are collected automatically and in real time by intelligent sensors, the farmhouse in the physical world has realized mirror projection in the digital world for the first time, and then data modeling, fusion analysis and deep mining are carried out by means of cloud computing and big data, so as to be intelligent. Drive the environmental control equipment to adjust dynamically in order to achieve the optimal state of the three-dimensional micro-environment of the shed unit. In this way, AI (Artificial Intelligence Algorithms) driven by industry big data controls the computer on the farming site, then drives the intelligent equipment in the farming shed, and then takes full responsibility for the whole process of livestock and poultry farming by the intelligent equipment. Thus, the revolutionary era of "intelligent farming" - real-time perception of the farming process, big data driving, intelligent optimal control has been opened.

Scene two: on the selected "whistle chicken (duck / pig)", the wearable vital signs intelligent monitoring chip is installed, which can continuously and accurately monitor individual physiological indicators, such as body temperature, heart rate, etc., and upload it to the cloud through wireless communication module. At the same time, the change of body temperature data of the cultured individual can be displayed on the mobile phone APP immediately, through the change curve of body temperature and other signs. Intelligent application analysis can provide disease early warning for breeding individuals in order to reduce the economic losses caused by animal diseases.

Scenario 3: Farmers can enjoy real-time online services such as expert remote video disease diagnosis, material procurement and business sales, industry community communication, industry finance and so on on on mobile and PC terminals through the Internet. A kind of

This is part of a series of intellectualized agricultural solutions offered by Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in the Aliyun Link Internet of Things market. Every farmer or family farmer can equip his farm with "intelligent brain", which makes the farming industry no longer a simple traditional business, but a combination of mobile Internet, Internet of Things and cloud. Computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other frontier high-tech intelligent industries.

Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. - Leader of Intelligent Agriculture

Over the years, due to insufficient investment, China's agricultural industry has been confronted with such problems as extensive management, low efficiency, high cost, insufficient attention to environmental protection and ecology, difficulty in process data acquisition, low intelligence and informatization. In view of these painful points in the agricultural industry, Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shennong Intelligent") as the core technology research and development and solution provider, has launched an all-round strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group to develop intelligent devices such as sensors, controllers, intelligent gateways, edge computing and Internet of Things security, cloud platforms and big data in agriculture. Continuous and in-depth cooperation in analysis, artificial intelligence industry algorithm, agricultural intelligent management system, formulation of standards and norms for intelligent agriculture industry, building of intelligent agriculture demonstration base, etc. was recommended as a high-quality service provider in the Aliyun Link Internet of Things market


Jiangsu Shennong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading provider of integrated solutions for digital agriculture and smart agriculture in China, "Shennong Intelligence" has continuously iterated its technology and program, and has done a lot of innovative research and solid practice in the field of smart agriculture. It has created many first places in the field of smart agriculture, processing and circulation in China. It is the first gold medal partner of Alibaba IoT Partnership Program Alliance (ICA). In September 2018, the first AI solution for China's agricultural industry, the White Paper on Intelligent Farming in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Poultry Industry, was released, and participated in the writing of the White Paper on ICA Alliance Data Standard Platform.

As the core provider of overall technical solutions, we have successively completed the "Regional Test Project of Agricultural Internet of Things (Poultry Breeding)" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the "Three New Projects of Suqian Agriculture" and several influential smart agricultural projects such as the demonstration bases for intelligent breeding of leading agricultural enterprises at the national level.


The First Artificial Intelligence Solution in China's Agricultural Industry

Adhering to the far-reaching mission of "connecting with life, promoting the growth of all things and helping farmers liberate", Shennong Intelligence will join hands with Alibaba Group to speed up the rapid and healthy development of China's agricultural Internet of Things industry and welcome the arrival of the era of all things intelligently linked。

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